Monday, 8 February 2010

Having an Attitude of Gratitude.

Continuing to count the many gifts that I have been blessed with this week:
100.  Bringing my dad out of hospital and back to my mum.
101.  Safe travelling up and down the country.
102.  Having my new travelling companion 'Pippin' with me.
103.  Reports from school of 'good work' from our eldest.
104.  Watching my youngest grow in confidence with our puppy.
105.  Lying next to my husband in bed.
106.  My sons 24 hour bug staying contained to just him and his swift recovery.
107.  Time to complete the knitting of a long time to finish project - still not finished but the knitting is done.
108.  Good food with good friends.
109.  Continued weight loss.
110.  The opportunity to see a couple of friends while at my parents, one I've known for 18 years, one for 30 years!
111.  The DVD received in the post from dear friends, a home video collection of when I got married leaving from their house and a holiday I had with them before I got married.
112.  Time to bake, alone and with my youngest.
113.  Being able to encourage a friend who has just started home-schooling her 12 and 14 year old.
114.  Television programmes that give me the opportunity to discuss important issues with our eldest.
115.  The bulbs in the pot by my front door growing every day reminding me that Spring is on it's way.
116.  Time to do some recycling to make a dog coat from an old jacket of my youngest and a dog bed from an old scarf.
117.  Lovely weather enabling me to spend some time tidying up in the garden.

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