Monday, 25 January 2010

So many Blessings.

holy experience

I feel as though the whole of last week was spent immersed in blessings, I am so thankful for Ann Voskamp and Susanne Barrett for inspiring to get on this journey of counting my blessings, just look at what I might have missed:

61.  The cheque through the post.
62.  The right summer holiday being found, even though it was 3rd on our list.
63.  My sons excitement at the realisation of an instantly answered prayer for him.
64.  My sons friends living just around the corner enabling him independance to go play.
65.  9 days taking only 4 tablets a day instead of 15.
66.  5lbs weight loss in just one week.
67.  The encouragement my children give me.
68.  The courage gained to return to our home church yesterday.
69.  Regular prayer times with my husband.
70.  Watching my son devour the whole bible in a week in picture form.
71.  Watching the girls play together.
72.  Quietness during the day.
73.  A walk by the sea on a Sunday afternoon.
74.  The freedom to do little jobs when I want to.
75.  Noticing my children growing both physically, emotionally and spiritually.
76.  The buzz of the scanner as my husband gets on with a project that he has been wanting to get done for some time.
77.  Happy memories shared as the 10th anniversary of my husbands father dying passes by.
78.  Being able to offer a comforting hug and meeting of eyes with someone who knows loss.
79.  The tingle of excitement at the good things our family has to look forward to this week.
80.  The steadfast knowledge in the dark moments that He is holding and guiding me.


  1. Well done on the weight loss! And on the noticing too. I think that is key, just noticing all the 'sequins' that God sprinkles on our lives.Xx

  2. Great work on the weight loss!!! :)