Saturday, 16 January 2010

My Friend Helen.

My husband and I have had the great adventage of getting away for a night this last week, thanks to my parents braving the snowy conditions and coming to look after our 3 children.  We left home on Thursday morning and took a leisurely drive to Sydenham, South London to visit a very very dear friend Helen (she was my bridesmaid).  Since getting married about 18 months ago we hadn't seen her and so it was a great pleasure to go and visit her in her new home and with her 6 month baby boy!  He has the most stunningly gorgeous big blue eyes.  Helen was the person that introduced me properly to my now husband, our friendship has gone through what I would consider  'normal' times, sometimes seeing each other lots, some times having spaces, some times having to confess to behaviour that has affected each other or our other friends. 

It sounds very trite to say that it is during bad times you really know who your friends are, but I have to say that I have really found this to be true with Helen.  I have watched her be a gracious and loving sister when her sis was diagnosed with cancer.  I have seen her stand by practically and emotionally when one of her closest friends husband died just after Helen got married.

But as a friend to me she has just been quietly wonderful, especially over this last year.  She has called me at just the right moments and listened to my grief and frustrations when my sister died.  Having taken on teenage step children since marrying her lovely husband she is aware of the tangle of emotions that surround taking on roles in the lives of children whom those we love, love deeply.  However she is also deeply aware of the differences in our experiences, which probably have advantages and disadvantages on either of our sides. 

So Helen, this blog is about you! I hadn't quite expected it to be quite so gushy over you, but there you go, I love you deeply and thank God for having you in my life.

How amazing  God given friendships are, some may last just for season, but some you hope will last for a lifetime.

My husband and I did move on to have our night away after a fabulous home prepared soup and a good few hours chatting with Helen, but I shall leave the rest of our stay away for another blog.


  1. What a lovely, lovely friend you have, Jane!

  2. Thank you Susanne, she really is, I am very fortunate to have many lovely friends but felt moved to express my gratitude to this particular one at this particular time.

  3. What a lovely tribute to a fab friend!