Tuesday, 5 January 2010

One Thousand Gifts.

holy experience

Okay so I am a day late already, fine start to a new year and a new project.  I am not going to be put off though, towards the end of last year I started regularly reading a fantastic blog by Ann Voskamp, it is called Holy Experience and one of the things she regularly hosts is One Thousand Gifts, Multitude Monday.  You can find her site and more explanation of this here

  1. Time to sit in front of a lovely warming fire.
  2. Healthy children.
  3. Friends and family who appreciate home-made gifts.
  4. A husband who adores me.
  5. Dry weather so that I can take a walk.
  6. Food in my cupboards.
  7. Hot cups of tea.
  8. Scrabble on Facebook.
  9. The smell of freshly laundered bedding.
  10. The anticipation of getting a new puppy.
  11. Family meals together.
  12. Reading lovely stories to my children.
  13. Head lice free hair for my son at last!
  14. The opportunity to enjoy all 12 days of Christmas.
  15. The time to blog.
  16. A neat and tidy craft cupboard.
  17. A finance plan finished for the year.
  18. Watching my Amaryllis growing almost an inch every day!
  19. Children who give me unconditional love, even when I discipline them.    
  20. Scrapbooking

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  1. Yay! So glad you've joined the Gratitude Community, too. :) Great photo of you scrapbooking!