Monday, 18 January 2010


holy experience

A few things that I have been thankful for this last week.

41. Time for coffee and prayer with a friend.
42. Blue sky peeping out for the afternoon.
43. A new working shower in our en-suite.
44. A working fan in our main bathroom.
45. Brighton - and a day out shopping ethically.
46. Happy children playing with scraps of cloth for hours.
47. Listening to my girls role playing great friendship behaviour with their cuddly toys.
48. The anticipation of being able to book a fab summer holiday.
49. The weighing scales in the bathroom of the hotel we stayed in last week.
50. The opportunity to stop most of my medication to see what happens without it.
51. Listening to my eldest play her clarinet with new confidence.
52. The cosiest and most comfortable bed in the world - right in my bedroom.
53. A low energy lightbulb in a lamp in my living room that I can have on all day reminding me of the Light of Christ, each time I look at it.
54. The word LOVE made and put up in my kitchen.
55. The promise of spring peeking out in my garden.
56. Friends to do swaps with, tripp trapp chair for a dog cage - fabulous!
57. Fantastic people running great clubs for my 12 year old, puppets and church youth group are favourites at the moment.
58. Not having to use my personal diary, just the family calender which only works 1 month at a time.
59. Furry buds developing slowly on my magnolia tree out of the front window.
60. Listening to the central heating pump jumping into action when the temperature lowers.


  1. Love reading these ... let me know how going off your meds works. E-mail me the particulars, okay?