Sunday, 22 February 2009

Telling God what I wanted!

Another defining memory that I have of those first months as a Christian is deciding that there were definitely things I wanted God to do for me.

It sounds quite impertinent now when I write that, but I knew right from the start that God had created me to be a 'nice' person, and I felt there were two things in particular that needed to change in order for me to become more 'nice'! Those two things were, I wanted to stop being the habitual liar that I seemed to have become, the other was that I wanted the next male companion that I was to have to be the one that would become my husband. I never have been one to have small ambitions!!

Of course at the time, I had no idea of the plans that God had for me, or that there was really anything more to being a Christian and friend of Jesus than just being 'nice'. I find it really reassuring to look back at those early memories of how I viewed my faith and then to see where I am now. I am certain I still have a long way to go, but also comforted to see how much God has changed my life already.

And God is so Grace Full, in those early days instead of reminding me who it was that really knew what I needed, he stuck by those things I wanted to happen and enabled them to happen. I could not believe that after 20 years of lying about anything and nothing, this habit was broken over night - yes - I am sure the odd ones have slipped out unintentionally in the last 20 years but the habit was broken. It took a little longer for me to find the man that God had chosen for me - he first took me out on my 2nd Christian Birthday (using that as the excuse to take me out!). During those 2 years, I was tempted to follow my own desires on at least a couple of occasions, however He kept me close and I did everything I could to stay close to Him - the result in waiting meant that I have the wonderful husband I have today. I'll save the rest for another day.

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