Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A Single Adult

I was never really single from being about 12 years old. This new start in my life in my early 20's, as a new Christian and a new university student was also the first time I was single.

I think moving away from home really helped me, it was a proper fresh start. I blogged a few weeks ago about coping with too many firsts - having totally forgotten about this period in my life.

Despite having been contacted by a church which I had started to attend, for some reason I hadn't felt able to let myself be made known to have arrived. God still took care of me despite myself. They had a wonderful prayer ministry team and after one particular service, I did feel able to go and ask for prayer as I was feeling quite lonely. I was introduced to a wonderful lady who has become my spiritual mum. I have been blessed with so many amazing people walking alongside me with Jesus.

So I was single for a while, I remember this time as one of great self discovery. I was making new friends, meeting lots of new people, a few of them might just be reading this now :0). I am now quite convinced that this was like reliving my early teenage years. I feel so fortunate to have been given a new chance to start maturing again, this time with Jesus to help me. I am also quite sure that this time was one of being made 'pure' again. There was a lot of stuff that I worked through, giving it over to God. I started to learn how to say thank you to Jesus for always being with me even though I hadn't known he was there in some of the dark times in my life.

I still continued to want to make 'deals' with God (that reminds me of a Kate Bush song!). The funniest one being that I decided I wouldn't kiss another man until I met the one I was going to marry - now how was I ever going to know who that one was!!

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