Sunday, 8 February 2009

Single mindedness

After giving myself a pat on the back the other day, I have continued to try and be the mum I want to be - but fell down on Saturday evening. First I will set the scene........

I mentioned about getting shoes for my daughteron Thursday, the ones we got had to go back, they were too uncomfortable after walking around in the house for an evening. So Saturday morning we were in Southampton for 9.30 to go to a larger store. We tried on lots of shoes - none of which she felt comfortable in. We then spent the next 6 hours driving between Southampton and Winchester (around 14 miles) going to all the 'reputable' shoe shops that I knew of and which were recommended. We ended up bringing home a pair of lace ups (she can't tie laces) and I know they are going to have to go back!

Now I knew that I needed to get this job done - children's feet are very important - and I do feel as though I have been neglected her somewhat (made worse by the fact that she had gone up a whole shoe size). I also knew that we were going out on Saturday evening, lovely friends were cooking for us and having us sleep over so that we could both have a drink! That was definitely going to be an evening of 'me' time, so I had no excuse giving my daughter 'her' time for this important task.

Unfortunately I became a little to single minded! My husband phoned me at 5pm to check where I was (still in a shoe shop) he asked if there was anything that he needed to do before we went out. I asked him to get beds and pj's ready and make sure my son had a bath. I got home had a cup of tea, shelved the idea of having a nice bath or shower for myself, made sure my daughter was bathed and we got on our way.

It's a 45 min drive to our friends, I sat back in the car and thought - phew, good job done today. Then it struck me, it was 6.10pm and I had forgotten to give my children any tea (having told our friends I would feed them before we came)!

With great embarrassment I phoned our friends and asked if they had any frozen chips in the freezer. Thank goodness they are great friends, after informing me that they would be phoning social services they had a jolly good laugh at me and duly fed my children as soon as we arrived.

Okay - so I'm sticking with this giving my children attention thing, but I must make sure I keep a reality check on what I am up to - Help me God (I've pinched that from you Kathy x).

p.s. I did have the most wonderful evening and morning with our lovely friends, my husband and our kids!

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  1. Don't beat yourself up too much Jane, you had been so busy trying to find shoes, I am sure the children were happy to eat at your friends.