Friday, 27 April 2012

Too Spoilt

While in Florida 'The Sunshine State', I was allowed a luxurious hour and a half in a craft shop with my daughter.  Everything comes bigger over there even the craft shops.  I could have spent a lot longer browsing but knowing where my weaknesses are I decided to give lots of the fabric aisles a very wide berth so that I was not too tempted.  Something I did find was the yarn that I have made into a crocheted dishcloth.  It is Lion Brand Recycled cotton yarn and is aptly named Sunshine, now whenever I go to the kitchen sink a little bit of Florida Sunshine shines up at me :o).

It was lovely yarn to work with and I will definitely do some investigating to see if I can get some more of it, here in the UK.

Another little project I have been working on this week is this:
I bought a knit and crochet magazine which came with this yarn plus a blue and a red, the colours really sang out to me.  However once I started to use the yarn (100% acrylic) I realised just how spoilt I have become using mostly organic cottons.  It was scratchy and difficult to keep the tension  with (hence the wobbly look!). I decided to make a little project bag as I am getting into the habit of having several projects on the go at once (this helps me to craft a little longer each day without too repetitive movements making me stop).  With more than one project I seem to be constantly getting my yarns, crochet hooks and bits of crochet all tangled up.  This little bag will just do the trick and I have lined it with some fabric that came from the above named shop in Florida so that my hooks do not fall out!
And look there is another little project ready to find a home in here already using Sirdar Simply Recycled cotton - can you guess what it is going to be.  Maybe it will be in my next post.

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