Friday, 30 March 2012

Vacation Time

Ten things I have done this week which mean I really am on holiday.

1.  Have done NO crafting.
2.  Have completed a whole crossword in one sitting (okay so it was an easy one).
3.  Have already finished one book on my kindle.
4.  Have swam in our pool at 6.30am.
5.  Have had 13 hours of un medicated sleep and feel better for it.
6.  Have completed a codeword puzzle (first one I have ever tried - must do more).
7.  Have successfully messed up a soduko puzzle (first one I have tried in a very long time - must do less).
8.  Have had my toe and finger nails painted by my daughter.
9.  Have done NO washing.
10.Have not spent anytime by myself and am not feeling the need to :o).

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