Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Busy Hands

I have had very busy hands this last month or so.  In fact they have been so busy I have been rather suffering for it.  I had been thinking I had found the perfect yarn craft in crochet as it seemed I could do so much more than when I knitted before my hands hurt with my rheumatoid arthritis.  However it now seems to have caught up with me again.

This is what I have managed to produce:

This is the first garment I have every tried to crochet,  I could not find a pattern that would suit my almost 11 year old daughter.  I therefore took the pattern from a garment for young boys from this book.  I have a little dress making experience and so knew roughly the shape the pieces needed to be, I used one of my daughters cardigans for the size.  The yarn is sirdar simply recycled cotton, I wrote a post back at the beginning of February about buying the yarn and making decisions on what to make.  I am so pleased with the end result and it fits beautifully, when I get a chance I will take a photo of her wearing it.  For those wanting a closer look at the pattern here you go:
I brought far to much yarn and so then went on to design and make this halter neck top to go underneath it:

I can't wait for our holiday where it will be warm enough for her to wear this.

Last night my itchy fingers decided to get going on a couple of new projects inspired by this wonderful blog Attic24 especially an older post I saw eons ago on mini bunting.  So I set about having ago with some left over bits of fair trade cotton I had left over from my giant  ripple blanket project (which I still have not blogged on!).  This was the result:
My daughter hasn't seen this yet I took this photo while she was at school today, it will be a little treat for her to open on her birthday!  It has got me thinking of all the different colour combinations I could use and the things I could embroider on the little flags!

There was also just time last night to cover another pot that has been sitting waiting patiently on my shelves where I sit and do:
(is the yarn familiar? yes it is more of the simply recycled, that I had left over).  This inspired me to get on and sort my shelves out, I now have 3 card board boxes which I am going to cover in a similar way to the above pot.  When that is done I shall post the results.

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