Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Spirtual Attacks.

I have had a really bad today, after a really fabulous evening last night with the volunteers who have come forward to help me with a children's activity day at church which is happening this coming Saturday.

My husband and I have had a really tough week communicating with each other after spending lots of time together working for Jesus last weekend.

As I am watching and participating in an amazing movement of God in our area,  my family (outside of the 4 of us) is falling apart.

I would really value some prayer from those of you who Believe.  I realise that some people might feel very uncomfortable reading this and may not even understand what I am writing.  However I think I may have been keeping quiet on this issue for too long.

So now I am shouting it out - it feels very self indulgent, but I know my Faith needs the support of fellow believers.  Many thanks x x x x x


  1. I'm with you JANE! As is all of the Grubbs who love you!

  2. Count on my prayers Jane. You will get through this too.
    Every Blessing.

  3. Honey, it's no wonder after how much you give out for growing God's kingdom that the other guy gives you a hard time. You are an amazing lady! I just read 2 Corinthians 4 today, so as it says....fix your eyes on what is unseen! XXXX

  4. Praying for you Jane! I will remember to keep your family in my prayers :)
    I have often nnoticed that it is just when we are doing our most important work for God that we come under attack.