Sunday, 17 April 2011


adjective /təˈnāSHəs/
  1. Tending to keep a firm hold of something; clinging or adhering closely
    • - a tenacious grip
  2. Not readily relinquishing a position, principle, or course of action; determined
    • - you're tenacious and you get at the truth
    • - the most tenacious politician
  3. Persisting in existence; not easily dispelled
    • - a tenacious local legend
    We have just had 5 days away at a Christian family conference called Spring Harvest.  It has been an amazingly refreshing break, enabling us all to spend time with God and reconnect our spirits.  There is so much choice of seminars, bible studies, kids groups, worship sessions that we were all able to find something that 'fit' us.  My wonderful husband had his most intimate moment with God on a walk, one evening, while the children were at their groups and I was listening to the evening worship service in our chalet on the TV (far more comfortable for me than the big top where everyone else meets).  The following day he took me to see the thing that had spoken to him - it is the flower in the picture above, along with the  word tenacious.

    This plant spoke to him of our 14 year old niece for whom we kinship care.  It almost feels like she is growing in the wrong place, however she is tenacious and so are we and our prayer is that she will continue to flower and seed and with the help of God some of those seeds might just fall into more comfortable ground.

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