Monday, 1 March 2010

Monday monday.

The business I have been involved in is good familyand health building business, but that does not make it any less tiring.   In fact on the health front it has made me very very tired,  I have now had a diagnosis of pes-anserine bursitis in both my knees, this pain unlike my oesteoarthritis in them can be treated - so I was immediately injected with painkillers and steriods right into the painful bursa - ouch!  I am not usually much of a baby when it comes to treatments but this made me yell out and then I had to have the other knee done!!!  I was told to expect them to feel worse for a few days before they started improving and by golly they have hurt!  However I am now starting to feel a little bit of relief creeping in so heres hoping and praying for lots more improvement to come.

We have also had a very turbulent weekend after our dear little puppy was attacked by a pit bull terrior on her first walk out last friday.  Fortunately she came off with just a bitten tail but has been very unsettled all weekend ( 3 nights of hardly any sleep!).  She was the most definately the fortunate one though as the dog attacked again about 10 minutes later and got another puppy which it threw around like a rag doll and almost killed.  So the children have experienced having the police come round to our house to take a statement, which has prompted a great deal of learning!

Pippin went back to the vet this morning and is doing fine, she is starting to eat properly again as well so hoping that her nights might settle down.  It is one of the many things which make me most definately search for a never ending attitude of gratitude.

128.  My wonderful spiritual director who encourages and nurtures me, so much love in an hour every few months.
129.  Finding and being able to afford to buy some fairtrade cotton yarn to make my daughter a lovely cardigan for her birthday.
130.  Protected Pippin from serious injury during the attack.
131.  The lovely walks and lovely folk with dogs we have met on our later walks.
132.  My continued weight loss, the last few weeks have been a lot slower but I am now only 2lbs off hitting my third of the way there target!
133.  A fabulous evening out with my hubby yesterday to see an amazing lecture/concert.
134.  A growing appreciation for the complexities and 'craft' of music making.
135.  The hospitality of friends.
136.  The offering of an olive branch.
137.  Friends who care.
138.  My GP writing to my consultant and getting my appoitment brought forward by a month.
139.  A consultant willing to take me on and take me seriously and seek the best way forward for me.
140.  An immediate reaction to the injections in my knees (even if it was bad!) as this indicates that it may well work very well.
141.  The growing circle of 'kinship' carers that I am meeting via facebook and blogging, discovering I am not alone in my circumstances makes a difference for me.

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  1. So sorry for little Pippin! Poor thing!! How frightening for a puppy and for you!

    The injections sound horrid, but I pray that they will bring you the relief you want and need.

    Praying God's blessings upon your head, dearest Jane, now and always!