Monday, 8 March 2010

My ever growing Attitude of Gratitude.

Beach Huts and Boats at Hengistbury Head, Dorset, photo by Brian Duxbury.
142. Getting down my 'to do' pile so that there is only nice things left (like letter writing)  for this week.
143. Managing to get to a church on Sunday and being reminding about the 'journey' that we are all on when we step out with Jesus.
144. Walks at the beach.

145. My younger two childrens excitement at meeting author Ali Sparkes last week at school.
146  My eldest getting the opportunity to go on a church weekend away at very last minute.
147. Thoroughly enjoying my latest 'fairtrade' knitting project for my youngest.

148. A well attended 'fairtrade' evening set up by friends in our Parish.
149. My 'fairtrade' bedding flapping in the breeze on a beautiful sunny day.

150. Lots of narcissi buds poking through in the garden.

151. For 15lbs of weight loss since mid January.
152. For greater fitness building, still off all painkillers!
153. For my living/dining room ceiling NOT falling in after a leak!


  1. Congratulations especially on the weight loss!!! I've lost 10 and still need to lose 40 more -- steroids combined with fentanyl patches put it on fast! Good for you for going without pain meds! I've still on methadone -- at least it's inexpensive!

  2. Thank you Susanne, well done to you to - there will be much less of each other to see by the time we get to meet each other :o)