Monday, 6 December 2010

Wintery Blessings.

It has been a strange old week, temperatures suddenly plummeting and having escaped the snow the first part of the week, 5 inches of it landed during the night on Wednesday, for us to see on Thursday morning.

I didn't leave the house to go in my car until this morning, having had a warmer day yesterday which got rid of the majority of it.  I do like unexpected things happening though - it reminds me to be grateful for every hour of every day.

319. The delight of seeing my puppy dog playing in the snow.

320. Photos and video of the children sledging when my joints are to sore to dare going out to watch.

321. A fantastic time with new friends having a meal and playing games with the children.
322. Christmas cards made in an afternoon.
323. Good times at work.
324. A cold that has almost gone now.
325. Eldest doing her first concert with the Boys Brigade Brass Band at a Christmas event.
326. Our family doing the prayers at church on Sunday.
327. Ordering new double glazing for the house - a luxury we have longed to do.
328. A cup of tea made by my son.
329. Birthday cards for December and a present made.

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