Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Thanksgiving on Monday. (Even though it is Tuesday).

It's been another tough week, but we are all still here and I'm counting my blessings once more.

195.  A very happy puppy after playing in the compost!
196. The funds to have very messy puppy turned into very smart puppy!
197. The miraculous turning from kitchen and garden waste to lovely compost for the garden.
198.  A new garden bed ready for some compost and waiting for the decision on what it shall hold to be made.
199. Seeing the children get excited and learning how to cheer and encourage complete strangers while watching the London Marathon.
200. Seeing the amazing number of people running, knowing that millions of pounds are being raised for lots of different charities.
201.  Being awestruck at the amazing 'painted' ducks in Richmond Park.
202. Watching the children enjoy 'stepping stones' in the Isobella Plantation at Richmond Park.
203. Admiring my son, taking some advice and practising with 'Daddys' camera.
204.  The glorious colours of Spring.

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