Monday, 19 April 2010

I'm Back!

184.  Fabulous day out in London, broke the bank but bandaged us together.
185. Clatworthy Resevoir the opportunity to reinforce learning for our 13 yr old.

  186. Sunny days for our Easter Break.

 187 Minehead, host to Spring Harvest and our home for 5 wonderful spiritualy refreshing days for all the family.

188 The great pleasure of seeing so many kids scooters parked up around the site - all in their groups praising God together.

189 The chance for my youngest to catch up with her best friend for 3/4 of an hour before we left.

190 Back home to lots of balmy evenings to go dog walking with the family.

191 The girls guinea pigs being introduced to each other for the first time and getting on!

192 The most amazing friends sticking by us through thick and thin.

193 Even letting us bring our puppy dog into their 'cats' home!

194 The most amazing husband in the world.

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