Monday, 2 July 2012


I've been feeling a little low over the weekend and can think of no better way of lifting my spirits than remembering the little things that I have been blessed with this last week:

800. Neighbours dog barking much less.

801. Spending time with friends.

802. News of a couple getting engaged.

803. Generous friends.

804. Having the time to help when we are asked to.

805. Having the time to rest when I need to.

806. Pain relief.

807. Chats on twitter when I am home alone.

808. Being able to make a simple healthy meal that the family devour and enjoy.

809. The sound of the rain in the night when I am tucked up nice and cosy.

Now I must get on with the task of filling in forms for secondary school for my 11 year old daughter.  How fast time has flown, she has her induction day tomorrow and I can see that she is quite nervous about it.  I can't believe that it is only a year since I was feeling the same way about my son moving on!  He is thriving in this new environment and I am so praying that my less academic daughter might do to.


  1. I'm sorry you are feeling down at present Jane, but delighted to see that your list of blessings goes on and on.
    I'm sure true happiness depends on the ability to find something good every day.
    The "God of small things" will appreciate your efforts and add them to your lifetime list of good deeds.
    I hope your daughter will find happiness and friendship in her new school - the rest will follow.

  2. There is no better way to lift the spirits is there? He is so generous in His gifts and your list is full of His grace. I too love the sound of rain, generous friends, and time to rest. Enjoyed my visit here!