Monday, 14 May 2012

Still Resting.

I have had a week of big decisions finally made, I am still quite unwell but the rest is definitely doing me good.  We have had some lovely sunshine this weekend and as hubby had the weekend off we have managed to get my veg patch sorted with new extra high raised beds that I can now reach easily.  My mum came and helped to replant all the strawberries that she had lifted from my old patch, as well as planting some of the seedlings that she had grown for me, peas, pumkins, broccoli and lettuce.  I have some carrot seeds to plant which I might try and do this morning as we are expecting rain this afternoon.  I will post again later this week when I will be able to tell you about those big decisions.

750.  Grace and peace lavished on me from my Father in Heaven.

751.  Freshly mown grass fragrance.

752.  My husbands healthy body!

753.  Another lovely film night last Friday.

754.  Taking my niece to church for the first time in a year.

755.  Finishing a little crochet doll to go with my daughter to school this morning as a mascot to help her get through a week of SATS exams.

756.  Lost photographs found.

757.  Finding a new on-line yarn retailer providing great value and excellent service.

758.  Kindly neighbours picking my daughter up and bringing her back home when she fell off her bike.

759. Watching my neighbours two grandsons (aged 1 and 3 yrs) washing their family cars.

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  1. I'm so glad you were finally able to make that descion. I tend to put off big desicions too and always feel better when I take a leap of faith :)
    "Finding a new on-line yarn retailer providing great value and excellent service"
    I might have to quizz you further on that being the yarn addict that I am :)