Monday, 5 September 2011

Blessed be the name of the Lord

I am still reeling somewhat from last weeks news but have made the first two phone calls that I feel are a starting point - now I have to wait for their responses.  In the mean time I am trying to stay positive.  I love this song - all except the give and take away bit,  I've never been able to quite believe that God takes good things away from us - good things just sometimes end - what do you think?

I am so blessed I can do nothing but continue to count the smallest of blessings:

620. dishes to be washed up at the sink.
621. pegged out washing.
622. a letter from a child in poverty overflowing with love.
623. light at the flick of a switch.
624. my daughter practising her saxophone on a Saturday morning.
625. dirty outdoor playing children.
626. pumpkins slowly growing in the garden.
627. being able to vacuum the floor of my sons bedroom!
628. early nights with a very good book.
629. the smell of freshly ironed clothes.

1 comment:

  1. The blessings you are able to count are indeed small in the scheme of things. I admire greatly your ability to see them in this way.
    As to God taking away good things, well I guess it is a question of perspective.
    If, when something/someone is taken away, it is hard to see it as anything but deprivation, but it does lead to our finding new strengths. Even when we don't see it ourselves - too close - others often do.