Friday, 15 August 2014

My healing place.

This year I have somehow managed to get into my garden again after many years of half baked attempts.  It all began because we had to have our fences replaced after they blew down in the Boxing Day storms last year.  I have spent so many hours just sitting and watching the birds, bees and butterflies over the last few months and thought I might share a little of it all with you.  If you would like to see what it was looking like back in May just after the fence was done you can see some pictures by clicking here
 I chose to fill my raised veg beds with very cheap and very cheerful geraniums this year to give them and me a rest!

This is the first year I have done pots for a long time, spurred on by having inherited many from my dear sister and mums gardens.

 Climbing Rose - High Hopes

 Shrub rose - Grace

 Shrub Rose - Valentine

 Shrub rose - Winchester Cathedral

 My lavender is so happy, it is sending out new flowers!

 That should keep the bees happy.

 This fuchsia is about 8 years old and has never looked better!

 I must pick some more rhubarb, I have already frozen several pounds.

I'm now starting to think about Autumn colour as it will be a total joy to keep some colour going.  Take care,  Jane x

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