Monday, 20 May 2013

Time in the garden

This weekend my husband was NOT working and it was NOT raining!  Finally we could get out in the garden together.  I set about finishing off a little DIY project, upcycling a set of nesting tables into nice tile topped garden tables.  I still have one more lot of grouting to do and some painting so won't post any photo's until I have done that.  My lovely husband set about sorting out a border that had got so out of hand you could only see a couple of plants that were growing way to abundantly.  I posted this photo last June with a note that we wanted to take the border back to basics.

Well now he has done it for me!  It looks a little different, and as you can see we have managed to salvage a few of the plants.

I am so looking forward to planning out what I want to do it now that I can see how much space there is.  I have managed to hopefully salvage, a lovely pink Hebe, a bunch of Alliums and some blue bells.

I have also managed to get seeds planted in my veg plot and tried my hand at a little recycling of plastic bottles we had been saving to hopefully keep the birds and cats off - what do you think?

This year I have planted, lettuce, salad leaves, spinach, sugar snap peas, parsnips, pumpkins, broccoli and spring onions.  Let's hope it is not as wet as last year and things actually grow and not just get mouldy!

Next job for my husband is to finish clearing another area that we are reconfiguring.

This photo was taken a couple of years ago, well after all the rain last year the seat was crumbling and so we have decided to make another raised bed here in between the border at the top of the page and my rose garden.

Talking of my rose garden - this picture was taken just after it had been planted, 3 years ago, would you like to see a picture of it now?

Ta-dah, there is still more plants to go in but I am really enjoying slowly seeing it grow into itself.

I can't wait for the little buds that are already there to bloom in bring more colour into this area.

One border that is not going to need too much doing to it this year is my wiggly border

I am really happy with how full it is looking, in the next few weeks there is going to be an abundance of white with beautiful purple alliums like balloons on sticks emerging from them.

do you see the bench in the picture above?  This was made by my late father for my late mother, I know it is is at least 30 years old.  It has been all stripped back but on doing this we discovered it had a rather poorly foot
Fortunately I seem to have found someone at church who is a carpenter and is going to have a go at fixing it for me.  The sentimental value of this bench makes it priceless.  When it is fixed and painted, I have also been working on crochet cushions for the seat and back.  I am so looking forward to a good bit of sitting on this in NICE weather over this summer!


  1. Glad to hear you were able to get into your garden at last Jane.
    It looks a very pretty design and your small beds are really attractive.
    Let's hope you have your reward for your efforts and can show us some pictures after the 'sun' has done some work for you.
    You have a nice crop of plastic bottles. How do you cook them?

    1. Thanks Ray, have been trying to think of a witty response to your last question, but sadly I can't find one! xxxxxx