Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A New Season?

After a busy morning sorting out paperwork as one of my mums executors I decided to take a moment and hang out my first lot of washing on the line this year

I am finally starting to believe that a new season may be coming upon us.  There has been a change in my niece (still in a mental health unit) this last week as well.  Those looking after her are not quite sure what is going on but for the first time she appears to be behaving completely out of her own control.  It is a very strange thing to see.  The strangest part being that she is actually being so nice and sweet, it is almost like a regression is taking place, she is more like she used to be when she was a little girl (she is almost 16).  For the last four years she has been bound my anger and aggression which has got her into a lot of scrapes.  Even on her best days there was an air of 'don't make me angry' about her.  Spending a couple of hours with her last weekend was nice if not a bit odd.  Unfortunately she has also developed a lot of obsessive compulsive traits at the same time which are really hampering her ability to move around.  Your continued prayers for her are very much appreciated.

In my garden this year my snowdrops have definitely been the best they have ever been.  They all came with me 11 years ago when we moved down here from Cheshire where I had purchased them at several different gardens we had visited.  I love the photo at the top of this post with the contrast of their white and green against the lovely little narcissus.

My wiggly raised border is certainly shouting out Spring is Coming.  As are these beautiful primroses
Come on Spring, I am getting impatient for a new season to dawn.

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