Monday, 11 July 2011

When you realise what you have been praying.

A few weeks ago I wrote this post  about finding a phrase that I was using like a mantra when my stress levels were spiralling.  The phrase was 'Jesus shine your light'.  Since then not a lot has changed on the outside, if anything for the week after I started things got considerably worse in the situations I was praying for His light to shine.  It wasn't until I went to see my Fairy God Mother last week that she shone a little light on what I was saying.

When you ask Jesus to shine His light on situations you are going to see everything illuminated - not just good stuff.  Maybe what is happening inside of me now is the revelation the Light can give.  When his light is shining and illuminating situations, the cracks, the brokenness will be revealed, they can no longer hide shrouded in darkness and secrecy.

How amazing that God can answer prayers that we are praying without us even realising what we are saying/praying.

Of course now that His light is shining and those dark areas are being lit by His light, His healing can come in to restore and renew.  I wonder what other prayers I am saying that I do not realise the fullness of yet?  Has anyone else had this sort of experience?

Continuing to count my blessings with the Gratitude community today.

595. Dirt in the bath as the water empties and the dog stands clean.
596. Time to talk.
597. Quiet times in my Green Room.
598. Messy kitchen, happy daughter, lots of cakes.
599. Tears of sorrow.
600. Pink flowers.
601. A weeks washing drying on the line despite the showers.
602. Goodbye and Goodnight kisses from both my children.
603. The encouragement of fellow bloggers.
604. The facebook chat with a person I can't talk to at the moment.


  1. Oh my yes, I have had many of those experiences! They come out in my stories.
    #598 makes me smile :)
    It was nice to be here at your place.
    (visiting from Ann's place)

  2. I once had felt like God wanted me to pray for a second car but I wasn't brave enough to pray for something that big but he gave it to us anyway! I do love that he even answers prayers whispered in our hearts.

  3. Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments ladies x.

  4. I often pray for God to help me to be strong, patient etc...
    Although the outer circumstances are sometimes testing. I feel like I deal with them better when I pray these prayers.
    Thank you for sharing this insight Jane :)
    I had never thought of it like this before.
    Blessings ~