Monday, 20 June 2011

Blessings even when you don't want them.

Today I would normally be posting my blessings as I have tried to do regularly for many many months now.  However today I don't want to.  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I want to be the child on the floor screaming in the supermarket aisle whose world has fallen apart because she is not allowed the treat she has just seen on the shelves.

I want to slam doors behind me.

I want to tell people that come to my door trying to sell me stuff to GET LOST.

I want to eat rubbish all day.

I want to sit with a huge sulking pout, scowling at anyone who dares look at me.

I want to smash things.

I want shout rude words at the top of my voice.

I want to stamp my foot and say IT'S NOT FAIR!

I want to go out in my car and purposefully annoy other people.

I really would love to do these things, however I suspect I shall take the dog for a walk, make my daughter some tea, watch some tennis and do some crochet - my life is full of blessings even when I don't want them. (#590 - 594!)


  1. Hugs to you, Jane. I'm so glad you're honest! I feel that way too sometimes. Thankfully, not today (but last week, YES!)

  2. I think we all feel that way sometimes and if we say we don't we're in denial. I'm sorry you're feeling that way today and hope that things improve soon.

  3. It's just your inner teenager breaking out. Keep the Clearasil to hand and have a burger.

  4. How funny door keeper - I have broken out in spots as well!!!