Monday, 19 July 2010

Continued Blessings.

Is there such a thing as Bloggers Block?  If so I appear to have caught it!  Most likely I am just a bit too busy at the moment.  But I am determined to never be too busy to count my blessings, big and small. (no photos though this week).

163.  Cooler nights and the feel of warm cotton sheets.
164.  The patience of others around me when I am wound up.
165.  Listening ears of friends.
166.  Rain falling on my garden.
167.  Gods forgiveness when I am struggling to forgive.
168.  Siblings looking out for each other.
169.  The sound of my little girl singing whenever she is alone.
170.  A card received when actions cannot express love.
171.  Orchids flowering at my kitchen window.
172.  Not having to fight for a disability parking (blue) badge.
173.  Emails returned when I have regretted sending them.
174.  Words to form difficult letters that have to be written.
175.  The willingness of others too help me in my return to work.
176.  A day at the beach with friends.
177.  The first supper party with friends and their kids since our eldest arrived over a year ago.


  1. Lovely list! Glad to "see" you again :)
    Take Care

  2. Love your list, Jane! Keep on keepin' on. :)