Friday, 18 June 2010

Catching up with Gifts.

I know it isn't Monday, I might not have been writing down the gifts I have been enjoying the last few weeks, but I have been counting them:

152. Making cupcakes for a picnic with friends.

153.  Trombone enthusiasm (practising Christmas carols).

154.  Home-made beading onto a fairtrade cotton t-shirt for my mother.

155.  Home-grown strawberries.

156.  Unexpected growth in the garden.

157.  Seedlings sprouting.

158.  A trip to the theatre with friends.

159.  My girls enjoying some time together.

160.  A pattern found to make a fairtrade cotton dishcloth.

161.  My first ever home-baked cheesecake, home-grown rhubarb and ginger - mmmm.

162.  More beading completed.


  1. WOW! No wonder you haven't had time to start the stitchery project! :)

  2. It's always the right time to count our blessings!

    I love the dishcloth--simply beautiful!

    And I am "green with envy" (to quote Shakespeare's Othello) over your trip to the Globe--a dream of mine!!!

    I never would have thought to put rhubarb and ginger on a cheesecake. Is that a distinctly English cheesecake topping?

    In the US, we usually use berries on top of cheesecake: blueberries and strawberries being the most prevalent. My husband makes a killer lemon cheesecake with blueberry sauce that is *incredible.*

    Love your list, Jane! :)

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies. Susanne, the rhubarb and ginger cheesecake was a recipe found in a magazine - I had never heard of it before - rhubarb is totally in season here at the moment and it grows prolifically! Marrying rhubarb and ginger is very common here. OOOh lemon cheesecake - any chance of the recipe?