Saturday, 4 July 2009

Listening to God

Have you heard the story about the Christian man whose boat capsizes in the middle of the ocean? He's all alone and starts praying to God to help him survive this catastrophe. A man in another boat comes by and offers to help him out and is surprised by the response he gets - "no thanks it's okay God is going to help me". A helicopter flies over with a winch man offering to help, again he is surprised by the response he gets - "no thanks it's okay God is going to help me". Eventually he drowns and when he gets to Heaven he asks God why he didn't help him - God responded - "I sent you a boat and you refused its help, I sent you a helicopter and you refused help - so here you are".

So why is this story on my mind today - I had a terrible nights sleep because I feel a bit like the man in the sea.

At work I have been trying to organize a holiday club for the end of July. This holiday club has been an uphill struggle since I started working for the church some 18 months ago. I am now looking at two lifelines that have been sent this week and wondering if they are from God and if so - I should be hanging on to them:

  1. After having my knees operated on last Monday, I have been signed off work for 6 weeks and told not to drive for at least 4 weeks. This takes me past the date of the holiday club.
  2. Yesterday our Child Protection Officer informed me that I couldn't use 9 of my volunteers as they have not got up to date CRB forms completed for our church.

I hate giving in and not being able to complete projects and so feel in complete turmoil. I have been feeling very low about work for some time. We have got so much going off at home that the thought of being able to concentrate on home things and getting fit for the next 6 weeks is far more appealing than struggling to do a holiday club which will not be the best I could do and may lead to me ruining my knees again.

So I am waiting and listening and trusting on the discernment of others to help me make the decision as to whether I pull out completely from this holiday club. It's a hard thing to do, very hard.


  1. Kathy has given me some very wise advise. If something is drawing you towards God, if it feels like an 'easy' burden then it is probably from God. If it brings you down, feels like a whip on your back, feels like a 'condemning' voice, then it's probably not. She always tells me to pay attention to the feeling of relief if I didn't have to do something.
    Listen to yourself say 'is far more appealing than struggling' ...
    with love and prayer Xx

  2. Thank you Gaynor (and Kathy) for this, you are right, I have now done it and I do feel incredibly releived.

  3. Gaynor has it in a nutshell Jane. You and holiday club and the words 'struggling' are mutually exclusive. Well done you for accepting you are not Superwoman. Enjoy your break and being with the family.xx